Sharing large data files across the Internet can be frustrating.  E-mail wasn't really meant for large attachments and when you need to get an important file to someone you don't want to risk it not arriving on time or being rejected.

Many companies utilize FTP to send and receive large files. FTP has been around a long time but many users find it frustrating to work with and it certainly is less than secure. With FTP you don't easily know when someone downloads a file, or even who downloads the file.

Now, there is a new solution that allows you to quickly send and receive large files in a secure, simple way.

AcarteSync to the Rescue!

SSL Certificate

AcarteSync is a cloud-based, multi-platform solution for storing, syncing and sharing all of your files in one place.  Whether you are storing all of your personal photos and memories or establishing an enterprise-level file management system, AcarteSync will take care of your every need.

Multi-Platform Accessibility

  • Android & iOS Smartphone Apps
  • Desktop & Laptop Apps
  • Web Application Interface
  • Faster VPN Alternative
  • Offline Access


File Sharing & Management

  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Sync on Demand
  • File Versioning & Locking
  • Policy-based Admin


Enterprise Functionality

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Home Directory Integration
  • Microsoft Platform Integration
  • Outlook Plugin (a good replacement for Hightail)
  • Capable of Handling Thousands of Users



  • Encrypted Connections
  • Group Policies
  • Permission Controls
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Mobile Device Security


Advanced Usability

  • Mapped Drive Access
  • Large File Support
  • Local File Caching
  • Document Previews


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