Acarté offers all of the services and products you need to keep your business technology running efficiently.   We can extend that coverage to the home computers of you and your employees

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Home Computer Protection

Acarté is your resource for business IT services, but that doesn't mean we don't care about your home PC.  We provide recommendations how you can best protect your home PC and network.  Don't risk your office network to an infected computer at home.  Find our more here.


Secure File Transfer

Transferring large files across the Internet is not always as simple as attaching a document to an e-mail.  When you have very large files, or files that demand extra security, e-mail is not the answer.  We provide a free file transfer service to our clients.  Find out more here.


Personalized E-mail Services

You get a free e-mail account from your Internet provider, but what happens if you switch ISP's?  Now you can get your own domain name and e-mail address for you and your family.  Avoid the inconvenience of having to change your e-mail address when you switch jobs or ISP's.  Find out more here.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Discover the power of keyboard shortcuts available in most of your favorite applications.  True power users master the keyboard and avoid menus or icons whenever possible.  Check here for some of our favorites.