We're sorry, but this service has been canceled by our provider.  We're working on new recommendations to replace this free service.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Sharing large data files across the Internet can be frustrating.  E-mail wasn't really meant for large attachments and when you need to get an important file to someone you don't want to risk it not arriving on time or being rejected.

Many companies utilize FTP to send and receive large files. FTP has been around a long time but many users find it frustrating to work with and it certainly is less than secure. With FTP you don't easily know when someone downloads a file, or even who downloads the file.

Now, there is a new solution that is absolutely free that allows you to share files in a secure, simple way.

Acarte' Secure File Transfer to the Rescue!

SSL CertificateOur service is designed to provide a secure infrastructure for your use in sharing and transferring files. We have taken great care in the development of our network architecture and software architecture, to assure the privacy of your data.

Sharing files has never been easier!

  • Overcome the limits of email - Transfer very large files, up to 5 gigabytes (maximum 50 files but you can Zip as many as you want into one archive)
  • Keep track of file access - You'll receive an e-mail confirmation so you know immediately when somebody receives your shared files.
  • Anytime, anywhere access - Share and access information from any online device
  • No more insecure FTP clients and servers to deal with, just a simple download link to click.

We offer this FREE service to all of our clients.  Even if you aren't a client we invite you to try it out for free and see how Acarte' can help your business.

How it works

  • Upload - Drag & drop one or more files, and specify who should receive those files.  You can even set a password.
  • Notify - The service will send an email to your intended recipient(s), with your personal message and a link to a secure download location.
  • Download - Your recipients simply click on a link to download the shared files. You receive a notification email. Files are available for download for ten days.

Why wait? Start now!

You can begin taking advantage of our free service simply by signing up – it takes about a minute.