Securing and managing mobile devices without needing to add IT staff

Mobile device management is a growing concern for many businesses. The rapidly increasing number of mobile devices opens up new concerns about security and the ability to manage those devices.

Smartphones and portable tablet computers represent a significant and growing share of the corporate computing budget. Organizations need a way to track and manage both employee- and corporate-owned devices to ensure data security, maintain expense management and cost containment, and manage user productivity.

Securing Mobile Devices and Data - Mobile devices are able to access and store sensitive corporate data through emails or other applications, as well as passwords and personally identifiable data. Lost or stolen mobile devices create security risks.

Controlling Mobile Costs - Without proper mobile device management controls, enterprises risk unexpected and extraordinary mobile device service charges associated with unauthorized roaming or excessive data and text use.

Supporting Mobile OS and Device Diversity - A variety of mobile devices and operating systems are in wide use today, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. In addition, employees are bringing non-corporate mobile assets into the enterprise, creating additional complexities for IT organizations.