The cloud is here to stay, and many applications and services that required a complex on-premises server to run are now available over the Internet. What services are available online? The list is quite extensive. Many businesses are moving their Microsoft Exchange servers to hosted Exchange in the cloud. Collaboration and document sharing are handled now with Microsoft SharePoint Online services and even company telephone systems are now hosted online. Complicated IT solutions are also migrating to the cloud.

You probably use the cloud every day and may not realize it. More and more businesses are turning to cloud services to manage their corporate banking, pay their taxes and take care of a number of tasks that once demanded a visit to the office.

Leading software and hardware companies such as Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and many others now offer business cloud versions of their solutions, allowing businesses of all sizes to use their virtualization technologies, application hosting and sharing, and business platforms. The cloud is just a term for Internet-based computing. Applications hosted online have been around for many years, and the idea of hosting applications, storing data and running programs online is nothing new.

Is the cloud right for your Southwest Florida business?

Acarte' can help you make sense of the cloud. We offer a full cloud readiness assessment for your business, which will determine if the cloud is a good fit.

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