You probably don't think it is likely to happen to you. The media hype over big storms is just too much. You made it through Hurricane Charley with little damage and that was a big, nasty storm centered just miles from your office. Nothing to worry about, you survived with little damage and no loss of data.

Well, there are many more "disasters" that can happen to your business.

Have you thought about the impact to your business if you lost all of the data stored on your computers? It's not a pretty thought. But hey, you have the office "computer guy" taking care of that for you, right? But what if he hasn't gotten around to taking home a backup tape for a few days (or months) and your building burns down? What if your server and the backup tape sitting in the drive is stolen? What if the backup tape is corrupted? There are many other ways your data could be at risk and you need to make sure your vital business data is protected. The life of your business depends on it.

Are YOU Prepared For A Disaster?

Business Continuity Planning is not something you likely think about very often. Without proper planning your business could fail completely in the event of a disaster. Acarte' offers the products and services you need to assure that your business will be protected.

Our managed services give your business an option to have all of your IT needs taken care of without having full-time computer technicians on staff.

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