Easy to Manage:

  • Single click selection for common backups: Email, Browser Settings, My Documents, etc – selectable with one click!
  • Intuitive browser based user interface makes backups & restores easy for end users.
  • Deployment Flexibility limited only by your imagination! Multiple modes of ‘disk to disk’ deployment are possible:
  • Remote backup with DataGuard server residing outside the intranet.
  • Typical client-server backup deployment.
  • Trusted intranet Peer to Peer (P2P) backup deployment.
  • Backup to NAS boxes & external hard disks.
  • Every possible scheduling option included – including Continuous Data Protection.
  • Automatically detect changes in files and/or directories and backs up accordingly.
  • Mobile users’ (esp. laptops) data can be backed up immediately as they connect to the network.
  • Powerful reporting that encompasses configurable email reporting for Client and Server.

High Performance:

  • One comprehensive solution for desktops, laptops & servers. Server backups include SQL Backup, Exchange Server Backup, Active Directory/System State Backup, and MySQL Backup in Windows & Linux.
  • Intelli-Delta technology for Incremental backups. Backs up only changes in files and not the entire file every time.
  • Powerful data compression based on the ZLIB algorithm.
  • Support for large file backups including ‘continue where you left off’ feature.
  • Robust data encryption with up to 448 bit Military strength protection – based on the blowfish algorithm.
  • Support for Volume Shadow Copy for backing up Open Files in Windows XP/2003/Vista.
  • Replication server functionality supports replicating the backup server and easy restores in case of disaster recovery scenarios.
  • Support for backing up multiple versions of the same file with time stamps for easy restores. DataGuard also supports additional full backups.


  • Supports every form of Disk-to-Disk Data Backup, including remote data backup.
  • Local to Remote Server Data Migration (First backup taken locally, thereafter incremental backups done online)
  • Easy license management: Licenses can be centrally managed in one backup server, clients don’t have to be applied licenses individually.


  • Works on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OSX. DataGuard installations running on different operating systems are interoperable!