Data backups are a critical part of the protection of your computer network. If your computer dies it may not be too big of a deal to get a new computer and install the programs you need. But what if the unique data that you created dies with the computer? Your crucial Quickbooks data is gone. All those Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, gone too. Your vast library of family photos. Your e-mail. It goes on and on.

If you don't have those items properly protected they could disappear along with your old computer.

So you think your data is protected by that external hard drive or backup tape? What if it is stolen along with the computer? What if there is a fire, a flood or other disaster? What if you needed an older version of a document? What if a virus corrupted all of your files?

Acarté offers products and services to help protect your critical data and address those real world concerns.

Acarte' DataGuard to the Rescue!

Acarte' DataGuard is an ideal network backup software for businesses who wish to deploy a feature-packed backup solution for their internal needs. With DataGuard, you can backup distributed data from users' desktops and laptops and your company servers to your own on-site backup server or to a DataGuard cloud server. If you choose your own backup server you can also automatically replicate that backup data to the Acarte' data center.

SQL, Exchange, Active Directory, Documents, Emails, Browser settings, Databases, etc - DataGuard covers them all in one comprehensive package! And its intuitive User Interface with one-click backup selection for common backups ensures that users can 'self service' their backup and restore requirements - reducing the demands on your system administrator's time. DataGuard also helps you comply with federal regulations like HIPAA, SOX, etc.

Furthermore, our Intelli-Delta Technology (based on the powerful & proven RSYNC algorithm) ensures that after the first 'seed' backup, only changes in the files & folders are backed up thereafter. This optimizes your bandwidth and storage utilization and improves backup performance while still giving you the ability to restore 'point in time' versions and deleted files and folders.

DataGuard works across Windows, Linux, Mac & FreeBSD, and supports

  • Onsite client-server backups and optional Remote Network backups
  • DataGuard's unique trusted peer to peer backup, wherein you could choose to put free hard disk space lying in your PCs to good use!
  • Network Attached Storage devices, Mapped Drives and External Hard Disks
  • Hybrid configurations that can be modular combinations of those listed above

Click here for a more detailed list of DataGuard's features.

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