The storm has passed.  We survived this one and will have second thoughts about riding out the next storm.  What is the status of our employees?  How can we help them?  How can we run our business without power, water, or the Internet?  Did all of our planning and preparation steps help?

How do we get back up and running as soon as possible?  Here are some of our suggestions.

First Step: Evaluate

We've been through a few storms.  Walking outside or driving for the first time after a storm can be a chilling experience.  Recovery will be different for each location.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you have power?  If you do, great.  If not, you have much more to think about.  Try and find out if friends or colleagues have power.  Who can you help, or who can help you?
  • Can you communicate?  Do cell phones work or do text messages get through?  If so, notify your friends and family about how you are doing.  The Zello app proved handy after hurricane Irma for communicating with cell phones didn't work.
  • Your social media accounts will come in handy if you can get Internet access.
  • Can you get gasoline?  That full tank of gas should be conserved until gas is readily available.  Running out now would not be a good thing.  Don't drive around looking for gas.  Check out the Gas Buddy app instead.
  • You are going to want to get to your business, or your home if you rode out the storm at your business, to check on things.  Driving after a storm is an adventure.  Remember, if the traffic signal is out then treat it as a four-way stop.   Watch for downed power lines.  Use common sense.

Getting Back to Business

As a business owner, you are going to want to get back to business as soon as you can.  If your office took a hit then working there may not be an option. 

  • Before plugging in and turning on computers, make sure your power is stable.  Don't turn things back on before necessary as the power system tends to go up and down as repairs are made.  If you are out of power make sure nothing is plugged in.  You want to avoid the "dirty" power and surges common when the power comes back on.
  • If it looks like working from your office is not going to happen anytime soon then contact us about implementing your remote work plan.  If you don't have one please see our planning steps again.
  • Did electronics get wet?  If so, DO NOT power them on before talking to us.
  • Did you have damaged equipment?  We stock a variety of network components, workstations, battery backups, and servers that can help you get back up and working quickly.

Communicating with Acarte

We probably have similar concerns and issues to deal with after a storm as you do.  We're here to help to the best of our ability but please understand our capacity to help is going to be limited by the same concerns you have. 

  • Contact us by whatever means you have.  Update us on your situation and how you need our help.
  • Now that the storm has passed please let us know your status and plans.
  • Work with your support contact to schedule getting your servers and network back online if everything was shut down before the storm.

Other Thoughts

  • Take care of yourself and each other.  A storm can bring out a lot of emotions.  Now is the time to help people when you can.
  • Those battery backups that you charged before the storm can be a lifesaver if you are without power.  They can power a TV or change your electronic devices.  Conserve the power you have and only turn on the battery backup when you need to use it.
  • Take lots of photos of anything that is damaged immediately after the storm.   Think about how those photos could be helpful with an insurance claim.

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OK, now that you've recovered from the storm, it's time to go back to the planning stage and great ready for the next disaster.

Too much to think about?  Call us if you need help.  (239) 333-2000