Small Business Dedication, Big Business Capabilities

Acarté (pronounced Uh-car-tey) is a managed IT service provider specializing in IT consulting services including network administration, virtualization, cloud services, CAD management, hardware and software sales, implementation, and support. We're your IT Guy.

Our mission is to help our clients economically harness the power of technology, putting it to work to increase productivity, gain a competitive edge and make the best business decisions. We focus on the end result; a stable network that is a valuable asset to your company, and not something you waste your time dealing with.

Big Is Not Always Good

Face it, the big guys have a hard time keeping their staff. You may think you can count on a larger firm to be a reliable partner but when they lose their employees you end up starting over with a new technician. Who knows your passwords? Who made a copy of the key to your building? You ultimately pay for the learning curve that goes along with getting someone new to understand the unique aspects of how your business utilizes technology. If you find a different "expert" showing up each time you call, you need Acarte'.

This is not a group of kids who went out and passed a certification test and instantly became IT experts! Our staff has been involved in IT since before the "experts" at some of our competitors were even born! Your business needs real experts to protect you from disaster.

It's All About The Experience

Personal service is the heart of our partnership. We develop relationships with our clients that go beyond what a normal business may provide. We care about even the smallest impact that technology has on your business and strive to keep our clients at the leading edge of technology while helping you control costs and be prepared for disasters that could have a deadly impact on your business.

Our focus is on technology service and support, not just the supply of hardware and software. Although we recommend certain brands we believe in, we are totally independent of any hardware or software supplier and this allows us to provide solutions and give advice that focuses on your real needs.

Why Acarte'?

To successfully grow in an increasingly complex and information-dependent business world, companies must use technology effectively. Large companies have numerous staff to keep up on the ever-changing environment, but that can be costly. For you to compete effectively, you need to find your own resources at affordable pricing. Our recommendations and design solutions are proven methods that will improve your business, lower costs and increase your bottom line.

Our services can be provided on an “as needed” basis when you have a specific issue, but with our proactive maintenance plans with remote monitoring and scheduled visits, we can stop most problems from developing. We can create a plan of action that is cost-effective and that works best for you. Our technology support packages offer several options to keep your network running smoothly and avoid putting out fires.

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