GoDaddy is not our favorite choice for clients obtaining Office 365.  To be clear, we hate GoDaddy Office 365.

The reasons are numerous.  Low prices initially but then upon renewal, you can pay way more than the same service from Microsoft.   To get the best deal you may have to pay for a year, or more, upfront instead of monthly.  Plus, the GoDaddy experience with common Office 365 management tasks is frustrating at times.  The list goes on.

The process to migrate away from GoDaddy has been painful too.  You couldn't just switch over to Microsoft directly.  You had to create a new tenant, migrate the mailboxes, and hope you could get the domain quickly switched away from GoDaddy at the right time.  It was not a pleasant task.

We'd heard rumors of the magic process where GoDaddy could just be removed from the experience but countless calls to support confirmed it was just a myth.  Today we learned otherwise.   You just need to be persistent and convince the front line support that there is a team at GoDaddy that has the ability to migrate tenants directly to the standard Microsoft implementation of Office 365.  This article will follow that process.

The initial step is to call GoDaddy support and tell them you want to transition your Office 365 to Microsoft direct.  If you have the same experience we have, their senior support tech will deny it can be done.  Not that they are trying to hide the process, it apparently just isn't something that GoDaddy tells their staff about.  We finally found someone who was willing to dig into it and reveal the top-secret process!   He spent the next 90 minutes reading through their internal support document and chatting with the advanced support team.  Once he was educated on the process there was a long list of questions:

  • Is the customer aware we will be moving the customer to CSP, directly with Microsoft (CSP Microsoft Direct)? (Y/N)
  • Did you inform the customer that Email Essentials will not be accessible in CSP Microsoft Direct? (Y/N)
  • Did you inform the customer that any EE or B0 plans will be moved to B1, which has additional services and a higher price point? (Y/N)
  • Is the customer aware they will have to reassign licenses to their users via O365 Admin Center after the transition? (Y/N)
  • Is the customer aware that we will be resetting the passwords within 72 hours of creating the IRIS ticket? (Y/N)
  • Did you advise the customer that after the passwords have been reset they can no longer make changes to the addresses in the account with us? (Y/N)
  • Is the customer aware that once the passwords have been reset it will take at least 24 hours for the organization to be moved to CSP? (Y/N)
  • Is the customer aware they will have 7 days to buy new plans and associate the addresses to them after the transition is complete? (Y/N)
  • Does the customer understand they cannot currently be transferred back to GoDaddy once this is done? (Y/N)
  • Why does the customer want to move to CSP? (we told them due to the difference in controls and 3rd party integration)

So, we gave them the answers they needed and the process has begun.  This article will be updated as the process continues.